Tomato Soup Flop

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

To many, tomato soup is the ultimate winter cuisine.  There is really no way one can go wrong — a can opener and access to a heating device are the only requirements.  It’s a flawless choice whether you are incapable of cooking or just too busy to conjure up something a little more involved.

Lately I have found myself craving a bowl incessantly — in part because I firmly believe this winter must be the coldest winter on record.  That, or my apartment is just poorly heated.

I used to be a loyal customer of Campbell’s until a friend turned me on to Progresso’s Hearty Tomato Soup.  Progresso’s version is a new twist on an old favorite, rich in tomato chunks, creating a more textured and fulfilling meal.

On this particular day, however, an unsuspecting surprise was suspended in my soup amongst the tomatoes.  A lone, rebel mushroom.  Whether you are a fan of mushrooms or not, this mushroom was not welcome in my tomato-only soup.

Then again, on days when I am feeling a little creative I like to personalize my soup by adding a combination of cooked red pepper, squash, and carrots.  Any vegetable will work though, even mushrooms — a taste which I have yet to acquire.  Ultimately, I like to create the illusion that the making of a soup as simple as tomato was more complex than in reality.

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2 Responses to Tomato Soup Flop

  1. Julia says:

    I can relate to your statement that mushrooms must be an acquired taste. I recall picking out every single mushroom in my mom’s Lenten Feast, Spaghetti with Mushrooms, leaving me pasta and sauce on one side of the plate and a mound of mushroom pieces shoved to the plate’s edge. To this day I cannot eat a mushroom if I detect it came from a can or jar.

    Fresh mushrooms sauteed in a little olive oil are another story. Add a little garlic and you have a treat for a more mature palate. Try it!

  2. Bill says:

    I would like to have a bowl of that tomato soup with a “hint” of mushroom. But, hold the crackers please… Great job Leigh.

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