The “New” Pizza

Eating dinner with an immature palate is almost like eating dinner with my 11-year-old self.  Closed off to new flavor combinations, most satisfied while devouring a painfully plain cheese pizza— home to aisle seven.  An appropriately named Tombstone pizza will likely not do much to mature one’s tastes— or lifespan for that matter.

Homemade pizza on the other hand allows for a variety of food combination possibilities.  While most of us develop our palates during adolescence, there are still those few lollygaggers not yet ready to jump into eating “just anything”.  Pizza in this case is the perfect mediator for a dinner split between the exploratory and the comfortable.  Drawn with an imaginary boundary, one side allows for the plain cheese fanatics and the other defies the definition of pizza.

Artichokes are my topping of choice, not to be confused with anchovies— my tastes are definitely not that mature.  I admit artichokes look intimating, maybe even inedible.  Don’t be fooled though— their somewhat creamy, earthy taste makes up for their undesirable, weird appearance.

Pineapple is another must for any pizza in my opinion.  While many are repulsed by the thought of fruit entering the realm of pizza making, I think they are just afraid they might actually like it.  Go ahead, try it.

However, having an immature palate once myself, I understand the difficulty in appreciating anything more than chicken nuggets and corn dogs.  In this case, start simple.  Layer spinach leaves on top of the pizza sauce, followed by halved grape tomatoes and chopped red pepper.  Hey, if you top it off with a mountain of cheese you might not even taste those disgusting vegetables— a little trick complementary of my 11-year-old self.

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