Irish for a day

Liu checks on the baking cupcakes.

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday most famous for the mass amount of alcohol consumed by the Irish and those who enjoy being Irish for a day.  Grocery and liquor stores are stalked high with Guinness, a popular Irish dry stout beer and Bailey’s Irish Cream, an Irish blend of whiskey and cream.  However, this St. Patrick’s Day I was in search of just one can of Guinness and 3 to 4 tablespoons of Bailey’s.

Why? Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.

Since I have yet to post a mouth-watering dessert I thought I would introduce this fluffy, chocolaty treat.  However, it must be said— this is no Hostess cupcake.  This recipe will cost more than a second graders weekly allowance, though the potential kill to the pocketbook is worth it.  Yet, if you are a struggling college student I would recommend divvying up the ingredient list among your friends, someone is likely to have a bottle of Bailey’s laying around.

While I had the honorable duty of frosting the cupcakes, my friend Maggie Liu was the real mastermind behind them.  Even though I enjoy the palatable results of baking, I admit I am not much of a baker. Thus, if you find this alchoholic dessert enticing, listen to Maggie elucidate this recipe here Cupcake Talk.

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One Response to Irish for a day

  1. Julia says:

    The audio clip was a nice touch to this story. I want to taste one too!

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